Technology on rural development will enable to bring a competitive economy in India

Economy of a nation depends not only on its advanced organizations but also on the scope of the rural organizations that foresee the uplifting of a good number of people employed in these industries. India is on the development stage and hasn’t completely developed because of which the majority of the population that lives in the villages and rural areas that thrives on the basic small and medium scaled industries hasn’t seen the development like what has happened in the cities. When this development in terms of the technology can benefit the already advanced large scale industries it can even bring in the necessary scope of redevelopment and growth in the working of the rural industries, provided it is simultaneously and successfully implemented.

Need of rural development in India
India majorly survives on the agricultural revenue which is like the basic occupation the entire nation undertakes in the largest platform. The rural development has to hence be brought in to help these rural industries to bring about the revolutionary change of upgrading them as well as pave the way for many more possible industries. Technology in agriculture will not only improve the quality but also the quantity which will contribute towards the surplus that will handsomely support the nation as a backbone of the entire economy. But the profit-starved farmers cannot invest on their own to bring in this technological advancement, which is hence supposed to be taken up by the government on a massive stage. The right policies and implementations in the rural development and business are also necessary in the fields of education, research, large scale industries, employment and majorly employment and infrastructure with its most basic elements of technology in rural development. There are villages in the country that still do not receive regular supply of food, water, and electricity for them to get out of the light poverty. The denial of basic services is resisting the growth of the rural population, with technology ready to embraceit since years. The right implementation with the improvement of mentality and connectivity with the remote and under developed rural areas can only get us closer to the path of bringing in this technology in rural population.

Role of government
India is a huge potential market for tapping the business that the world can give us through investments and resources which we also need. But this is not possible till the population in the rural areas that is capable of making this happen, is capped into the bracket of being given such services such as food, water, electricity, telephones, internet, education and infrastructure which can only peg to bring them to the level of metropolitans to improve the standard of living as well as the per capita income of the people in the rural areas to further contribute to the economy of India.

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