Small scale organization-the backbone of any economical innovation of any country

Any country has its basic resource and comfortable occupation running in its grass root organizations. It’s being the staple organization of the country, has supported large number of people and is therefore important as there are a lot of people who are devoted to such a basic small scale occupation. But the more important thing to see is the way in which the small scale organizations are contributing to the economy and its development in the progress of the nation.

For example, in the case of India, the small scale organizations supporting man power, handloom, agriculture, and other such basic occupations have contributed immensely to facilitate the growth of these divisions to an extent to which the nation is even capable of exporting this produce today. Hence the size of the organization depends on the scale on which it is doing business but the economic growth and innovation of the produce from being basic to advance does happen with the support and knowledge of the small scale organizations. Helps to promote business, products, services. very useful for small business owner.

 Economical innovation

The kind of innovation that we are talking about is the resource that funds and supports the development of the country. If today there are so many medium and large scale organizations thriving in the country, which has experienced its advent and growth, this is only due to the strong support to the economy of the country by the small scale organizations. He basic difference between the small and large scale organizations is that there are more number of people working in all the small scale organizations as compared to the large scale ones even though they have a lesser margin. And with the diversity in the occupations these small scale organizations handle, in addition to the large number of people employed with them, they do have the capacity to support the economical innovation in the country just in the same way as it has been seen in India.

Being an agricultural supported economy since years, it has still got the support to innovate its economy even by updating with the necessary technology, infrastructure and modern industries. The foreign investment, development in science has all been possible with the small organizations as a backbone of our knowledge of how to carry on work. They have taught us surplus, employment and even profit, for it to be tested in the deep waters of economic expansion of the country’s monetary horizon.

The economic innovation of a country depends upon its revenue which comes satisfyingly from its basic and grass root small scale industries and hence it is important to promote and work in harmony with these small organizations to keep getting this support to fund and enhance the economical innovation.

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